What We Do


 We meet the community where they are to interact, engage, and spread awareness  and education about HIV  and  STI prevention methods. Look for us at Metro Detroit festivals . Check our calendar for upcoming outreach locations.



 'Scroll down' for our educational presentations opportunities. Designed  to dispel myths and counterproductive stereotypes, introduce sex positive messaging and promote research opportunities and finding, there is something for everyone. 




We offer rapid HIV screenings (results within20 minutes) in a number of traditional and non-traditional venues. Our testing services are confidential and free!

We provide linkage to HIV care services. We provide referrals to metro Detroit agencies who provide STI treatment, confirmatory HIV testing (and  treatment), behavioral health services and PrEP services.



Free educational presentations & groups


Anatomy & Puberty 101

Overview of  the body's changes during puberty. Anatomical names and functions of the male and female genitalia are presented.  Reproductive and sexual health prevention methods are also discussed.


Presentation of HIV and STI facts including modes of transmission and prevention  and treatment methods​. FREE  HIV and STI testing offered. Educational materials and safer sex items provided upon request.

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All participants receive free transportation, lunch, and a $50 gift card

Brothers Saving Brothers

BSB is a sexual health intervention involving discussions, videos, and demonstrations focusing on health awareness, risk reduction, stigma, labels, healthy relationships, skills building activities, and effective communication to improve community, self-esteem, and self-efficacy.


  • 13-29 years old

  • Identify as male

  • Black or person of color

  • Gay or bisexual

  • Live in the Detroit metropolitan area


New Horizons

New HORIZONS is a sexual health intervention that assists young women with fostering a sense of sisterhood, self-awareness, self-efficacy, and gender pride.


  • 13-24 years old

  • Identify as female

  • Black or person of color

  • Live in the Detroit metropolitan area



Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco reduction/quit services including motivational interviewing (MI), the 5A’s, and free "quit" counseling.


  • 16-24 years old​

  • Tobacco user

  • Living with HIV

  • Resident of the City of Detroit

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